Project info

  • Location: Cross Dete, Matebeleland Northh

Lithium is a greenfield project currently untapped but work is currently ongoing so that 2 open casts so that production can begin. Our surveys discovered Lithium concentrations in hard rock (pegmatites) as spodumene, the mineral with the highest concentrations of lithium.

Whether the lithium mining industry turns toward clay, oilfield brine, or some other recovery method, it’s clear that the rapid increase in lithium consumption over the past few decades requires an equal expansion of lithium sources and production sites. In 2009, the lithium ion battery industry accounted for 21 percent of all annual lithium consumption. Today, that figure has almost doubled, and battery production – especially batteries for the manufacture of electric vehicles – will continue to gobble up a progressively larger share of lithium. A single electric vehicle requires as much lithium as 10,000 mobile phones, and global electric vehicle sales will essentially double in 2021, then double again by 2025. In other words, expanding access to lithium must remain a priority for the EV and electronics industry.